Our lawyers and attorneys have extensive experience of dispute resolution in general courts and in arbitration courts in arbitration proceedings primarily under the Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The disputes we have represented clients in have included everything from unpaid invoices in invoice disputes, disputes about loans and promissory notes, disputes about interpretation of contracts, M&A disputes, recovery actions in bankruptcies, disputes with suppliers of services or goods such as faulty machinery, disputes with landlords, construction disputes and very infected shareholder disputes. We can help you through the whole process of contesting a claim or making a demand for payment to a counterparty until the dispute is settled in court or in arbitration by a judgment or an award. If necessary, we can also help with enforcement measures at the Swedish Enforcement Authority.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in construction disputes where we have represented clients, contractors, subcontractors, consumers and construction companies. We have experience of construction disputes where the agreement consists of e-mail and SMS correspondence, the craft form, AB 06, ABT 06 and other standard agreements. We can also help your company at an early stage by attending a pre-inspection or final inspection and a possible over-inspection. Construction disputes are often very evidence-heavy and the circumstances are many. As experienced litigation lawyers, we know what needs to be proved and by what means, and what can be decided by the burden of proof rules in different situations. If the dispute concerns a consumer contract, we have knowledge of the Swedish Construction & Ceramics Council's industry rules and other construction standards, which may determine the dispute.

Are you and your partner in a dispute about how you want to run your company? Our lawyers and jurists have successfully acted as counsel in highly contentious shareholder disputes, advising on company law, representing shareholders at general meetings, advising on the interpretation of shareholder agreements and on the separation when the company or assets were finally sold to one of the parties.

Have you lent large sums of money to a company or a friend who is not paying back? In many cases, there is a signed original promissory note or an agreement that makes the dispute less complicated. We can also help you in more complicated situations with evidence insurance until you request enforcement of your claim from Kronofogden.

Whatever the dispute, Tre Kronor Advokatbyrå has the procedural knowledge of the Code of Judicial Procedure and arbitration rules to represent you in disputes with professional skill.