TreKronor Advokatbyrå can help you if you want to sell your shares in a small company or a medium-sized private limited company. We can also help you buy shares in a company or an entire limited liability company. If you want to sell or buy the assets of a company in an asset deal, we can draw up the purchase agreement after an inspection of the goods and help with the trading of the assets. Once you have found a buyer or a company you want to buy, we advise you as your lawyers, whether it is an internal transaction where the transfer of the business is done through a settlement note or a more complicated transaction where a longer share transfer agreement is needed. We assist you through the entire process from the financing, the due diligence work with the preparation of a due diligence report, the preparation of the share transfer agreement, the contract negotiation, the signing of the agreement and with the closing where payment is made and any share certificates are traded to buyers.

A share certificate is a security that represents your shareholding in a limited liability company and is issued by the board of directors of coupon companies. Voucher companies are called voucher companies because in the past, shares consisted of a share certificate with vouchers and the vouchers represented the dividends of the company. The share certificate is still legally the ultimate proof of your shareholding in a voucher company. Many transactions today use a procedure where only the share register is updated and many advisors consider this to be sufficient. In these situations, we adapt to your needs and wishes.

As general business lawyers, we have extensive experience in various types of successful transactions, such as rights issues and issues in kind, where all corporate documentation has been prepared by our lawyers. Together with the purchase agreement, we can also help you draw up the shareholders' agreement if it is needed in connection with the sale of the company if the new owners and you will own the company together. We have helped small and medium-sized companies and private individuals with the sale of shares. We have also helped foreign companies to establish themselves in Sweden through company acquisitions.

In addition to having employees who are members of the Swedish Bar Association and subject to the Code of Conduct, Tre Kronor Advokatbyrå's employee Martin Szydlowski is recommended by the Polish Consulate as a Polish-speaking lawyer in Sweden. We can therefore ensure the legal aspects of your transaction.

A wise economist used to say that a transaction should always have two winners, the seller and the buyer, for it to be successful.