MartinSzydlowski at Tre Kronor Advokatbyrå is listed as a liquidator at the Swedish Companies Registration Office with his own liquidator number. Our lawyers therefore undertake assignments as liquidators in limited liability companies, economic associations and tenant-owner associations. We have extensive experience of handling both compulsory and voluntary liquidations. The advantage of liquidating a company instead of bankrupting it is that the board members do not appear in bankruptcies, which makes it easier to start new companies and obtain credit from banks or credit institutions. If you represent a larger organization where one of your holding companies or a company in the organization for a specific purpose is no longer needed, we can help you liquidate the company or companies.

We also undertake assignments involving the protection of claims in bankruptcies and as representatives of creditors in company reorganizations. We have experience of representing private individuals and companies in meetings of creditors, meetings of creditors and in debt settlements.

Our lawyers are also experienced in assisting companies and individuals in recovery disputes with bankruptcy estates. Under certain circumstances, a bankruptcy trustee can file a recovery action in a general court for transactions carried out before the outbreak of bankruptcy. For example, if you or your company believe that the transactions were ordinary, your company was not in bad faith regarding the payments and you had no reason to suspect that your partner was insolvent at the time of the payments, there may be grounds for contesting the bankruptcy estate's recovery action.

We can help you in all types of insolvency situations with qualified legal advice.