TreKronor Advokatbyrå can help your company enter into, for example, a cooperation agreement with your partner, an assignment agreement, a supplier agreement, a credit agreement with a bank or an investor, a license transfer agreement, a franchising agreement or, for example, a confidentiality agreement with a future partner.

Our lawyers are used to drafting commercial agreements in owner-managed companies or on behalf of in-house counsel in large foreign companies listed on foreign stock exchanges. We can, of course, assist your company in contract negotiations with a future partner if you wish.

If you are running a start-up or have just become a shareholder in a new company, we can help you, as a private individual or owner of one of the owner companies, to draw up the shareholders' agreement and represent you in the contractual negotiations on the same.

A shareholders' agreement usually has a skeleton that is designed according to industry practice and is modified depending on the ownership structure or the amount of investment by a particular investor in the company. A well-written partnership agreement should prevent disputes and anticipate shareholder disputes. Our lawyers have experience in drafting shareholder agreements and assisting in complex shareholder disputes, which is a valuable insight when drafting shareholder agreements. We can therefore ensure that your shareholder agreement prevents potential disputes and makes your shareholding with your partner a good deal from start to finish.

Do you want to potentially become a shareholder in a company or are you an employee of a company whose business idea you believe in? We have experience with various incentive programs such as warrants, contractual options and warrants. We can therefore draw up agreements in all these situations when you become a shareholder in the future.

A contractual option is an agreement with a shareholder that you have the right to buy their shares in the future for a predetermined amount. A warrant is an instrument under company law, which means that the holder of a warrant has the right to buy newly issued shares in the future. A warrant is issued by a securities institution, but is similar to a warrant. We can help you in all situations.

Does your company want to borrow money from a Swedish bank, a Swedish credit institution or get liquidity through factoring? We can help you draw up the credit agreement or factoring agreement with the factoring company.

We believe that a well-written contract should not only reflect your agreement, but a judge in a public court should not need more than the contract itself to understand how to judge in a possible dispute. The contract should also prevent disputes and prevent risky situations.

By being careful with the language and thinking about all possible scenarios as part of the contract drafting process, we can help you or your company draw up the contract you require.