Review of fee dispute between lawyer and consumer

Martin Szydlowski at Tre Kronor Advokatbyrå AB is a member of the Swedish Bar Association. In accordance with good legal practice, we and all other Swedish lawyers are required to inform our clients of their rights in connection with any fee disputes on our websites.

A client who is a consumer can have a fee dispute examined by the Swedish Bar Association's Consumer Disputes Board. The Consumer Disputes Board examines disputes between consumers and lawyers or law firms about services that lawyers or law firms have provided to consumers.

A lawyer is obliged to participate in the Consumer Disputes Board's review. The referral must be made in writing and within one year after the claim was submitted in writing to the lawyer. A prerequisite for the dispute to be reviewed by the Consumer Disputes Board is that the dispute is not being handled or has been decided by a court.

More information on the Consumer Disputes Board can be found here.

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